Our offices are planning synagogues throughout the country. Community structure design nowadays , is not trivial . There are great needs and requirements and desire for a large, complex program , but plans plots Price or Location city - always small and limited.

Our members of local committees do not always represent us well . 

What will the architect will do? will Mediate more than to plan - between the Gabai men and powerfull women and secular neighbors , everyone wants to occasionally little Yiddish - but not nearby...The Mayor - he grinds , sometimes he want and somtimems not - until old age :) . 

The firm designed numerous synagogues throughout Israel and expertise in combining spirit of the place , the spirit of community , and other factors operating .

ןימינב רתכ תסנכ תיב
סרט לבית הכנסת קהילת נווה הגבעה