The Ministry is planning and preparing town plans at all levels. 

Plans to build new settlements - The firm previously designed plans for building settlements ״Shvut Rachel" at choral Benjamin and "Nofey Prat" at the northern Judean Desert .

The firm also designed the city's "Shilo B includs 12,000 units that wasn't built. 

Plans for expansion of settlements , new neighborhoods and communities centers and seats. 

Regional zoning plans . 

Breeding programs in real estate, zoning changes , extensions and additional housing departments and units to existing structures . 

In this framework we handle recycling building and adapting advanced requirements of tenants and users. We prepare all the documents and plans to the local committee or pass them directly to the District Committee by Amendment 43 to the Planning and Building . 

We do the design according to the new procedures Unified Planning Structure of the Ministry of Interior.

Our office specializes in programs Linnane City also facing government agencies such as the Antiquities Authority, Airports Authority , National Roads Company ( WPA ) and more.