We plan to architectural plans for all types of buildings.

Program planning including the preparation of required functions quantitatively with the customer , and land None pitch conditions , Matching expectations with the customer , style, appearance , main uses and secondary uses technology and methods of performance possible And more. 

Then we come to the design of a number of options for planning the structure, all under the program and agreed guidelines and hints  , And perform initial planning early basic alternatives . After discussion with the client , there comes a point of selecting the chosen option of the alternative designed above. we can take one of the alternatives and improves her or we create it from the list  of all the "goodies" that previously planned . 

At this stage the final structure plan scale 1:100 : all parts of the building , the facades of the building as it is seen , the transitions and connections between parts .

At this point his final staging is determined on the field and relationship with the yard and the street. Planned parking and access to and from the building . 

At the same time we come to an agreement with the structural engineer on the " Schema static " pages location , their size , thickness of walls, ceiling and external nature , coatings, information processing windows and doors , roof and ceiling. 

Our office emphasizes planning the flow of visual space and the relationship between the parts of the building and its floors and interior ties - except for his development of the urban landscape yard .

These plan of the building permit application filed by the local committee for planning and construction. 

Along with the treatment and formal approval of the Commission, we are planning to carry out work plans with other engineers : structural engineer , plumbing engineer , and electrical engineer . 

Structures at the level of complexity or public buildings we also share safety engineers , traffic , accessibility and more.

On request we also perform supervision or linked to the performance , or performance management ( activation subcontractors instead of a main contractor ), - surcharge.