Gideon Charlap architects is established agency operates in Jerusalem over twenty -five years. 

The Ministry is planning a variety of residential projects , one co- structures - family , education and public buildings , schools and community institutions , office buildings and cultural and religious structures . We are also planning a large industrial buildings developers , food establishments , banquet halls , bowling alleys and warehouses .

The firm is active and planning in and around Jerusalem , Ma'ale Adumim, Mishor Adumim and the West Bank. 

At theSouthern District the office planning offices , public buildings and schools in Beer Sheva, Yeruham Shderot and Merhav Lachish Regional Council . 

At Jerusalem city , we are planning dozens of specific urban construction plans for recycling buildings, residential extensions and additional sections of old structures and additional units on the roofs and courtyards . 

In the past our office  planned programs for rehabilitation of the Fort Kerem Avraham , redemption and licensed for the Jerusalem Municipality. The firm also designed a new city master plan at Samaria  "Shilo East " - the 12,000- units for the Ministry of Housing .

The firm is planning for different ministries , government companies and local authorities. Older building new settlements and cities residential neighborhoods , industrial areas and workshops and offices and makes adjustments to the envelopes of existing buildings for government offices and other postal authority . The firm is engaged in the preparation of land surveys and accompanied by various authorities to expand the boundaries of investigative committees judgment and care versus government agencies such as the Antiquities Authority airports. Gideon Charlap recognized as an expert planning and construction by the court administration . 

Our clients receive personal attention being kept , individually and in depth . Every issue of planning is examined in depth and breadth . While discretion , long-term economic and applications . Various projects conducted applied research needs , and flow charts and preparing a thorough and detailed program . 

In addition we are dealing with issues of " spirit of the place " and the virtue of a "place , geography Torah according to Jewish law , Sages and Chasidic Books and acceptance. All planning is also done while exercising the match environment and character of the place without waiver of various customer requirements . The firm provides ongoing personal consulting projects , conducts feasibility and gives opinions in real estate while checking their betterment options and change the destiny .